Ravenous Devils

About the Game

One Dream: Get Rich

Manage a tailor shop and corpse-cooking business in a city where crime, corruption and poverty are commonplace. Percival and Hildred have just moved here with nothing but a dream: to get extremely rich.
Take control of Percival to manage the tailor shop, wait for the arrival of clients looking for new suits, kill them when the moment is right, throw them down the trap door leading to the kitchen and use the outfits you steal from them to make new ones: waste not, want not!

Keep Your Customers Happy

Take care of Hildred’s pub and customers. Feed them delightful corpse-based meals, manage resources effectively, and make sure not to run out of ingredients.

Grow Your Business…On The Sly

Increase the renown of their business by buying new tools and upgrading the shops, but beware… someone knows their secret.


  • Audio sliders.
  • Mouse and Controller support.
  • Movement, Pan, and Zoom speed sliders.
  • Invert Pan and Zoom speed.
  • Graphic settings.
Ravenous Devils also contains built-in subtitles, a simple control scheme, and interactive elements that are highlighted.

From Hound Picked Games, Troglobytes Games, and Bad Vices Games, out now on the Epic Store!