NAIRI: Rising Tide

About the Game

After the events of NAIRI: Tower of Shirin, Nairi continues on her quest to save her family. While she and her companions try to overcome the many dangers of the corrupt city of Shirin, an apocalyptic prophecy threatens to devour everything.

Leave Tower of Shirin’s grimy slums behind!
Explore the elegant Middle District of Shirin and meet an all-new exciting and diverse cast of characters as you delve into ancient ruins and unearth new secrets!


  • Charming yet melancholic story written to captivate players of all ages.
  • Lively interconnected overworld with mysterious ruins waiting to be discovered.
  • Delve into puzzle-dungeons and solve their many challenging brain teasers.
  • Unique, lovely hand-drawn art style reminiscent of Studio Ghibli and Disney!
  • Tons of all-new characters ready to charm… and ask for your help!
  • Brand-new quality-of-life features, such as a map, and a fast-travel system.
  • Reworked inventory allows for more creative item combinations.
  • More interesting rewards and treasures to collect!
  • Adjustable hint system to better tailor your experience!
  • A new original soundtrack that will transport you back to the exotic city of Shirin!