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PR Hound was instrumental in helping us kickstart our crowdfunding campaign for War of Rights on Kickstarter as we went into it with no crowdfunding experience what so ever. With their help we managed to get the crowdfunding ball rolling and have since been able to maintain its momentum for the past several years which has helped the development and ever-expanding vision of the project tremendously.

-Mads Støjko Larsen – Campfire Games

War of Rights

War of Rights is a multiplayer game set during the perilous days of the American Civil War, in the Maryland Campaign of September, 1862. Campfire Games is devoted to presenting the gruesome and glorious elements of the period, while maintaining the highest level of historical accuracy and realism as is possible with the wonders of CRYENGINE.


Players in the game will be able to play on multiple battlefields of the campaign, from the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers where the Siege of Harper’s Ferry took place, to the ridgelines of South Mountain, and to the meandering waters of Antietam Creek at the Battle of Antietam. Additionally, players will also be able to choose from a list of regiments that fought in each battle as well as what rank to fight as, whether they want to slog it out as a lowly private, or if you want to orchestrate the carnage and mayhem as a major general.

Learn more about War of Rights here.

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