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Dan from PR Hound is a super well-connected games PR champion. Personable, bright, humble, and determined, he’s the ace up your sleeve and gets results. He’s been a critical part of Dark Tonic’s and Attack of the Wall Street Titan’s success, and very highly recommended.

– CEO, Creative Director at Dark Tonic.

Attack of the Wall Street Titan

Giant Robot. Evil Bankers. Vengeance. Mayhem.

When the evil bankers at Bane Capital decide to push back against the OWS occupiers, little did CEO, Filcher Crapsworth realize that they forgot one minor detail:

They forgot to install the firewall.

Hacked by OWS, YOU play as the Wall Street Titan: a giant robot constructed by Crapsworth and his red-necktie army of stock-broker drones… but the rogue code running through your system turns the tails on the evil bankers with one overriding directive: Must Obliterate Wall Street.

Learn more about Attack of the Wall Street Titan here.

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