Wildfire – Ticket to Rock

About the Game

Hanako, a teenager with low self-esteem who prefers to spend her days playing games with her two best friends Tarou and Fumitake. She’s kind but a little absent-minded and this tends to cause trouble for her every now and then. Overall she’s content with life, but she’s feeling boxed in and wishes that there was something more beyond the daily routines.

A mistake and a chance encounter forces her out of her comfort zone as she tries to make amends. In the end she finds herself part of a band with people she doesn’t know, with a goal to play in a large festival that occurs every year in their city: the Wildfire festival.

During the course of the game Hanako finds her old preconceptions challenged as she gets closer to the other members of the band and learns more about them. She also learns more about herself as she has to handle various crises that occur along the road.


  • 45 Backgrounds
  • 31 CG’s
  • 20 Drawn characters
  • 6 Original songs
  • ~77k Words